Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shelby's animals

Shelby has gotten to where she keeps a lot of animals around the house. Recently, we had bats flying around. She came and told me she had to put the bats in the washing machine. I, of course, asked her why they were in the washing machine and was informed that it was because they were bothering her baby doll. Later, they were in the kitchen flying around and Shelby had to put them in the closet so they would stop bothering mommy.

A few months ago, while rocking Shelby to sleep, she started telling me about a lion and a tiger that were in her closet. I asked what they were doing in there and she told me they were trying on her clothes. Each night the tiger and lion went to the closet to try on the clothes. Each night she would tell them that her clothes wouldn't fit them, so they would start doing other things - like taking the polka dots off her walls or playing with the stuff on her chest of drawers. After a while, we would have to send them to mommy and daddy's room because they just wouldn't listen.

Last night after being in bed for an hour, Shelby emerged from her room to tell me a hen had hidden her (Shelby's) egg. No, I haven't a clue as to what that was about, but I thought it was funny anyway.