Monday, March 03, 2008

Chka (or whatever sound a TV makes when you change the channel)

There's a rectangular plastic container that stays in the back of my car. It's supposed to be used to hold the girls' books. Sydney decided to use it as an imaginary TV one time as we were driving to church. Sounds innocent enough, right?

Sydney: Come on Shelby, let's watch TV!

Shelby: OK!

(At this point I don't know what they are watching but at least they are quiet).

Shelby: Chka, chka, chka

Sydney: (With much irritation in her voice) Shelby stop that. Mooooooooom, Shelby's changing the channel!

I really didn't know how to respond to this one. Sydney was actually upset that Shelby was changing the channels on an imaginary TV! Paul had the bright idea of telling Shelby to watch her own TV. She happily changed the channels as much as she wanted.

The picture says it all.....

I told Shelby to go get a night diaper, which she did. After picking myself up off the floor from laughter, I was able to take this photo. Notice how she skillfully fastened it under her chin.
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