Monday, December 17, 2007

Watch out for the "big raisins"

Thankfully the girls are good eaters. They enjoy fruit and love "big raisins" better known as prunes. I gave the girls several for an after school snack one day. Sydney asked for more and then said, "Just bring the whole container". So I gave her the entire box thinking that she would limit herself. Why I thought this I do not know. I have never given the girls carte blanche when it comes to food and for some reason I had to start with prunes.

After finishing up the dinner preparations I returned to the living room to discover that a brand new container of prunes was over half eaten. Later, as we all sit down to dinner, Sydney starts to complain that her stomach is hurting and goes off to the bathroom. She calls out that her "poo-poo isn't right. It's not hard." I explained that sometimes this can happen when one's stomach hurts. Later I hear, "Mommy, my bottom sneezed. Can your bottom sneeze?"

Yeah, we've gotten several good laughs about this one.