Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You wouldn't think a two year old would do this to her daddy....

Here's one that I forgot from a couple of years ago. Reading one of the past posts reminded me of it. As my wife mentioned, Sydney got to a point where she was running from imaginary kitty cats. One night when I was laying down with her she suddenly said "Hurry let's hide from the kitty cats". At this point she threw the sheets up over our heads. She didn't tell me she had just pootered. Yep, my two year old gave me the dutch oven!

You have two what?!?

"Daddy, I have 2 for poopoo-ing and one for peepee-ing"

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Marriage plans have changed

This past weekend we took Sydney to play in the creek at her Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house. Mommy, Daddy, and Syndey spent a couple of hours in the creek. On our walk back to the house, Sydney started asking questions about life with her future husband. Seems like she thought she wouldn't get to see mommy and daddy anymore after getting married. I told her several times that she could come and visit us anytime she wanted. However, this didn't stop the stream of tears now flowing down my little girl's face. It was finally decided that she wasn't ever going to get married because she wanted to stay with us. That's just fine with me!

Now we have to move....

During a brief power outage last week, Sydney was having trouble coming to grips with a life without electricity. She asked if she could watch something on TV, listen to her radio, etc. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she said, "Well I guess we have to move since our house is broken".

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Past Sydney-isms

Here are a few of the Sydney-isms from when she was 3.

Sydney: How far away is heaven?

Sydney: What does God feel like?

Sydney: What kind of car will God take me to Heaven in?

Sydney: Where is the world?
Mom: "Well it's over here and over there.
Sydney: But WHERE is it?

Sydney: Daddy, who am I going to marry?
Dad: Honey, I don't know. You'll find someone you want to marry someday.
Sydney: You can help me.

Sydney also informed us , at the old age of 4, the she was going to get married June 14th. We weren't told the year, but at least we know the day now. She also told us that we (mommy and daddy) could put a necklace on her that day.

Sydney asked her daddy about her granny's sisters. I told her the names of them. Several weeks later the following conversation took place:

Sydney: Are Granny's sisters dead yet?
Dad: No, they're still alive.
Sydney: They don't stay at Granny's house?
Dad: No, they have their own homes.
Sydney: Yeah, 'cause when they aren't at Granny's house, they have to go home and do their papers and play video games.

Dec 04

Daddy was taking Sydney into work (daycare) when she happened to sneeze and got snot on her face. Daddy couldn't find a tissue so he told her to use her ba - her security blanket. Well, she didn't want to get that dirty so she used her hand instead. Sydney said "Look Daddy". Daddy asked her what it was to which she answered, "Bless yous. Me no like bless yous."
Since that day, snot has been called "bless yous" in our house.

Mar 05

Sydney is developing quite the imagination now. She pretends to see bugs that she insists on squishing. One day daddy found her washing her "big girl panties" in the sink. She asked daddy for soap to wash her panties because there were bugs in them.. She was standing at the sink with nothing but her shirt on. Sydney also runs from pretend kittens in the house.

Oct 05

Sydney and mommy were trick-or-treating. It was time to go home and I suggested that we go to two more houses. Well, Sydney suggested that we go to five. So I told her to be sure and count them so that we go to five houses. After the first one she comes down and says that was one house. Then she comes back after the second and says, "That was two houses we have to go to 3 more".

Nov 05

One Wednesday night Sydney decides to join in on the invitation song. She was singing the chorus fairly well , "What will it be" She was also singing loudly. I paid careful attention to the next verse that was getting ready to be sung. And in her loudest voice Sydney sings out, "The princesses are going to come to my house".

Feb 06

Daddy was on a trip to NJ. I was giving Shelby a bath and Sydney wanted to come in too. So she brought in her imaginary cow. I asked Sydney to go throw away Shelby's diaper and put her clothes in the hamper for me. She gladly did this but informed me that I was to talk to her cow while she was gone. She closed the door but soon opened it again and said, "You have to talk to my cow while I'm gone". So she again left and I talked to the cow.

Mar 06

Sydney got a splinter in her hand so we came inside so I could doctor it. Sydney asked me how she got the splinter and I said that it was probably from the handrail of the deck. She refuted by saying, "No, I think a ladybug sat on my hand and she stuck her leg in my hand".

Aug 06
"Mom, am I going to be older when you die"?