Friday, July 27, 2007

Sydney's tooth is finally gone.

Sydney pulled her tooth out all by herself last night. Here's the picture. You can see her new tooth coming in already. She said, "I pulled it out with all my might."

Monday, July 23, 2007

I need a dictionary for 5 year olds

Sydney was trying to learn a new song that we sang at church service last Sunday. We kept practicing until she could sing, "Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord". Then I get the question that I knew would come soon. "Mom, what does humble mean"? I looked to Paul for help in how to answer but he was grinning so much that he was useless. So I gave what I thought would be a good answer:

Me: It means that you don't think that you are better than other people.
Sydney: But I am better, I'm a good little girl.

At least she doesn't lack self confidence.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nibbles revisted

I was drying Sydney off after her bath tonight and Sydney was looking at her chest again.

Sydney: "Dad these little bumpy things are my nibbles right?"
Me: "Yes, Honey."
Boingy, Boingy While pressing on each.
Sydney: "They look like mountains except they don't have grass. I wish they were snow mountains".

One Smart little girl

Granddaddy came home from a horse show with three ribbons - a blue ribbon, a Junior Grand Champion and a Grand Champion ribbon. Sydney had been given the ribbons to carry in. She asked granddaddy about the ribbons and he said, "Tia was in 3 shows and won three times". Sydney looked at all three and said, "This one is from her first class" pointing to the blue ribbon. Then she said this one is from her second class and this one is from her last class pointing to the correct ribbons. Granddaddy said "That's right, how did you know that". Sydney said "because I'm a smart little girl....I know things".

Because I'm an Artist....

Sydney got to spend some time with Grandmommy and Graddaddy last week. While there she got to do some painting. Grandmommy had given Sydney 12 little bottles of paint. Being a little girl she asked me to open ALL of them. I opened them all and went to the computer room to do some things. I heard a little while later Grandmommy asking Sydney why she had them all opened. She informed her that "because I'm and artist and that's what artists do".