Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sheeeeeelbyyyyyyyyyy! Moooooooooooom!

This story requires a little background. About 2 months ago Shelby was wanting a drink of water out of Sydney's cup. Sydney was asked to share but instead she dumped water on the front of Shelby's shirt. This was witnessed by Daddy and she was in trouble. Fast forward to last weekend.....

I was in the kitchen getting ready for church, Paul was in the shower and Shelby was running around the house while Sydney was still in bed. I hear, "Sheeeeeelbyyyyyyyyyy! Moooooooooooom!". Sydney comes into the kitchen obviously flustered. "Mom, come feel my blanket". So I followed her to her room where I was told, "Feel my blanket, see how it's soft right here. Now feel here, see how it's wet?". I was thinking that Sydney had wet the bed until she told me, "Shelby came in here with a cup of water and poured it on my blanket." Trying to not bust out laughing while remembering the events of a few months earlier I asked her where Shelby was. Well, I found her. She was putting the now empty cup back on daddy's nightstand from whence she found it. She was not caught at the scene of the crime but circumstantial evidence has convicted her.


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